Data Narratives

We are a mission-focused team a passion for empowering great storytellers

Our Mission

We will enable storytellers to create compelling narratives that are grounded in truth, so they can advocate for the changes they want to implement

Shared narratives are how humans have made decisions for millennia. We need shared narratives to be aligned and work effectively, but narratives that are not bounded by numbers can quickly devolve into fantasy land.

At Data Narratives, we create tools that enable storytellers and creative thinkers to find and create data-driven narratives that drive consensus in their organizations. By doing so, we will unleash a new wave of creativity and productivity in the workplace

Our Principles

We believe in always adding more value than we extract, in optimizing for long-term relationships instead of short-term cash grabs, and in making the world a better place.


We want our tools to enable more transparency in the world – and also pledge to be candid and transparent with our customers and partners


We want to create a culture of excellence in our products, our team interactions, and our marketing


We constantly experiment with new technologies and new ways of doing work to push for constant excellence

First-principles thinking

We refuse to accept something just because it's the status quo